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Our service ....

We replace your traditional monitoring fixed landline connection with a high spec GSM terminal and maintained SIM - with no disruption to normal service. With ...  


Free equipment installation* and inclusive calls, 

       you benefit from the


Superior GSM technology, improving safety & integrity


       of your clients & equipment as well as


Reducing your line costs by over 50% - from day one. 

       No upfront unit cost! Start saving from day one!


Single simple fee structure: €13.99 per line per month - delivers hassle free budgeting without being tied to a specific lift contractor maintenance contract.

 *assuming standard lift installation

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Why change? ....
The small print ....
- Subject to contract term of 24 months
- Subject to vat at 13.5%
- Standard €13.99 package subject to standard assumed site conditions.
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