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  • What is the payback time on my investment?
    Savings start from day one. No capital investment up front. Just reduced monthly payments V landline costs
  • What is included in my monthly fee?
    Installation, GSM device rental, line rental, 200 free local and UK minutes per month
  • What about mobile signal strength?
    Our GSM units are industrial grade with an external antenna strategically located at the top of the lift shaft by our engineers to achieve optimal signal strength.
  • What is the leadtime for installation?
    Generally less then 2 weeks from date of instruction
  • What are the advantages for new lift installations?
    Greatly improved leadtime for installation. No running of cables or coring of lift shaft walls required. Fully EN81 complient.
  • What about my lift installation which is not a typical standard installation?
    We carry out a site survey free of charge to ensure suitabilty, if required.
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