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up to 50% on your monthly elevator landlines

Reduce lift phone bills 

Save over 50% on monthly landline elevator bills

Facility managers are under constant budgetary pressures. Try to balance the health and safety of their building occupants with cutting costs is a significant challenge.


Now you can make huge savings across your portfolio with one simple hassle free change. 


We replace your traditional monitoring fixed landline connection with a high spec GSM terminal and maintained SIM for your lifts.


Not only will this save you over 50% on your landline fees per month you will also benefit from


  zero disruption - quick and simple installation


  improve health and safety - reliable technology


  no hidden costs - free installation* and inclusive calls


Find out how our customers are saving thousands of euro  across their portfolio by switching to full signal. 



Single simple fee structure: €13.99 per line per month - delivers hassle-free budgeting without being tied to a specific lift contractor maintenance contract.


 *assuming standard lift installation


Improved reliability and integrity

Health and safety of building users is a key priority for property managers.  Ensuring the emergency lift phone is working and connected is key. When a lift is reliable itself a faulty or disconnected emergency phone can go unnoticed until it's needed most.


With Full Signal GSM technology you will always be connected. There is no risk of human error disconnecting landlines or damaging cables.

Our GSM technology is installed in the lift  panel or the lift shaft to ensure constant and reliable connectivity when you need it most. 


Bundled with the cost savings from day 1 and the ease of installation, it is easy to see why Ireland's most successful facility managers are switching to Full Signal.



No disruption

Simple, quick and easy installation without any disruption to normal service

Trying to install phone lines up to lift shafts can be a nightmare for builders and property developers alike. Whether it's a new or legacy building, Full Signal takes all of the hassle and disruption of connecting up landlines with GSM technology that can be installed in under an hour. 


We can install GSM emergency lift phone lines to any building type without any disruption to the building or service within a week or two. To install landlines you can wait several weeks before works even commence. 

  quick and simple installation (usually under one hour)


  lead time for installation is usually under two weeks (rather than ten)

  no building works or fixes required for installation


  no disruption to normal service


  reliable technology improving safety and integrity




no disruption

How much could I save?

Join our customers making thousands in savings every year 

Emergency elevator landlines can be a significant line item in the profit and loss account. It is often overlooked because of a lack of viable options to reduce the cost without compromising safety. Full signal offers savings from day one. To find out how much you could save across your portfolio use our quick calculator tool to get an estimated cost*


*subject to standard assumptions. This is an indicative cost only, subject to site inspection and verification.


Savings calculator

Typical annual savings after switching to Full Signal

Imagine being able to report to your management team or residents association that you cut thousands of the running costs of the property. Well, now you can. 


By switching your emergency elevator landlines to GSM from Full Signal your return on investment will kick in from the minute we have installed your new units.



Here's an example of typical annual savings based on the number of lift units.



7 lift apartment block

Dublin 3

Savings: €3,350

30 lift mixed development

Co Dublin

Savings: €6,000

Property management company - 40 units


Savings: €7,000

6 lift small apartment complex

Dublin 15

Savings: €1,200

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How our customers are saving

Some of the biggest property management companies are switching to Full Signal to make huge savings across their portfolio, they are staying with us because they get:


Excellent customer service

Industry leading response rates

Minimum lead time

Dependable, reliable service 

Improved reliability

No disruption


Customer savings

Ashbourne town centre

Annual savings:


€6,500 p/a


Corn Mill Apartments

Annual savings:


€3,300 p/a


Leinster region portfolio

Annual savings:


€10,000 p/a


Other satisfied clients:


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